• Age of Collage 2

    Age of Collage 2

    "The Age of Collage 2" exhibition is opening tonight, March 2nd at 8pm in Hamburg, Germany at Feinkunst Krüger Gallery. I am happy that a selection of my collage work and some new work will be on view among an amazing selection of artists. Thank you to Dennis Busch and Ralf Krüger for organizing and curating the show. The featured images are by Dennis Busch and here is the full list of artists:

    Fehmi Baumbach (D), Beni Bischoff (CH), Matthieu Bourel (D/F), Jono Boyle (UK), Martin Bronsema (D), Paul Burgess (UK), Dennis Busch (D), Julia Busch (D), Werner Büttner (D), Jorge Chamorro (D/ESP), Isabelle Cordemans (US), Eli Craven (US), Valero Doval (ESP), Dr.Me (UK), Lola Dupree (UK), James Gallagher (US), Sebastian Haslauer (D), Ashkan Honavar (NOR), Natalie Huth (D), Seb Jarnot (F), Philippe Jusforgues (F), Geoff J Kim (US), Max-O-Matic (ESP), Bill Noir (F), Bryan Olson (US), Kenny Runners (D), Magdalena Rysopp (D), Claudia Söchting (D), James Springall (UK,) Kerstin Stephan (D), Nil Ultra (US), Joe Webb (UK), Charles Wilkin (US